Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal, The World Heritage

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Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal, The World Heritage

Out of other world heritages present in Nepal, the most accessible and present at the heart of Kathmandu city is Basantapur Durbar Square. It is also very ancient, the major festivals celebrated till today are: SETO MACHINRANATH JATRA, INDRA JATRA AND GAI JATRA.
SETO MACCHINRANATH : Seto Machindranath , also known as White Machindranath, Ary avalokitesvara, Karunyamaya, and Jamaleswor is a deity worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists in Nepal. The temple of Seto Machindranath is located in Jana Bahal (also known as Machindra Bahal), A place located between Ason and Indrachowk, Kathmandu and is believed to have been established around the 10th Century.
INDRA JATRA: The main attraction of the festival is the procession of chariots and masked dancers representing deities and demons. Indra is called Yanya in Newari , Jaad (Nepali local liquor) flows from the Bhairav statue which is remarkable to look at in Hanuman Dhoka, Indra Jatra is a very interesting festival because for the whole week people enjoy various traditional dances and witness the chariot of Goddess Kumari, Lord Ganesh and Lord Bhairav being pulled through the older parts of the Kathmandu city.
GAI JATRA: The festival of “gai jatra”, the procession of cows, is generally celebrated in the Nepalese month of Bhadra (August-September). The festival began during the reign of Pratap Malla, the king started it to console his queen who was grieving at the death of their son by smallpox. The whole complex of Gai Jatra festival has its roots in the ancient age when people feared and worshipped Yamraj, “The god of death.”
(Courtesy: Information board at Basantapur Durbar square)

  • Location: It is situated in the heart of Kathmandu city. It is few metres North to New Road(Kathmandu).It is the most sacred and worshipped temple by the locals of Kathmandu( Especially Newars).
  • There are various other small temples inside the Durbar Square premises.
  • Well facilities of hotels, restaurants and excellent food and lodging available in its premises.
  • Very ancient fine arts of woodcraft could be enjoyed in it.


The way to Basantapur Durbar squares:
We can go to it as:

  • From the TIA( Tribhuwan International Airport), we can hire a Taxi to Basantapur Durbar square directly. (Rs. 500-1000).
  • If You want to take Public Bus, take any vehicle to Ratnapark.Get dropped at Old Buspark. ( Your charge will be Rs. 20-25).From Old Buspark, cross the road straight on foot, take first left turn and walk straight, you will reach to road at Bir Hospital,Cross the road straight, walk straight and take the second right turn, you will be at New Road, Walk straight i.e North side, you will reach to Basantapur Durbar Square in about 15 mins.

I have visited Basantapur Durbar Square so many times; It is ancient, amazing, wonderful, exciting and beautiful. Don’t miss the chance to visit it whenever you are at Kathmandu.



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  1. Shiva Parajuli Shiva Parajuli says:

    First to review Bantapur Durbar Square. Recommend to visit this place while in Kathmandu.

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