Bungy (Bungee) Jumping In Hemja, Pokhara, Nepal

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Bungy (Bungee) Jumping In Hemja, Pokhara, Nepal

Bungee jumping is one of the famous adventurous things to do while you are in Nepal. Previously there was only one place in Bhotekoshi,(brought to us by The Last Resort) Nepal to experience bungee jumping in Nepal but now you can also go to Pokhara for Bungee jumping. Pokhara is a most favorable place for internal and external tourist to visit. While you are in Pokhara don’t forget to gain an experience of Bungee jumping.

When did bungee jumping started in Pokhara ?
- 21/09/2014

Where is it in Pokhara?
- Hemja, Pokhara

Who brought Bungee Jumping in Pokhara?
- Umbrella organisation of Golchha Organisation- High ground adventures together with Mangalam group.

What is the height of Bungee Jumping?
- 70 meter (50 meter tall land+20 meter tall metal tower)

What is the height if Bhotekoshi Bungee Jumping?
- 160 meter.

How much is the price for bungee jumping?
- NRs. 3,490.00 (for Nepali Citizen), NRs. 6,490 (for International Citizen)

How much for Photo, Video and Frame?
- Package costs- NRs. 1900.00 (there is different price rates for those without package)

There is a natural lake (pond) with 15-20 meter deep water below this bungee jumping. So you can feel water touch bungee jumping while your visit to Hemja, Pokhara, Nepal.

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