Dolakha Town, Dolakha

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Dolakha Town, Dolakha

Dolakha Town is the home of Bhimeshwor, the god of power and strength. The statue of god is well known throughout the country for the perspiration as the early warning of any national and regional crisis or calamities. Avayapur was it’s old name which means the fearless city. It is situated in Janakpur zone, Dolakha district, Bhimeshwor Municipality. This ancient and historical town is also famous for Nepal’s only one and the oldest Bhairav Kumari Jatra. There are so many temples such as Tripura Sundari, Bal Kumari, Natyaswor, Narayan Than etc there are so many Baudhha Stupas too, representing the Religious tolerance and diversity of Dolakhalis as in the whole country. Dolakha has its own cultural, social, geographical and political significances. The first silver Coin in Nepal was used in this Town. The people of Dolakha speaks their own typical language which is known as Dolakhe language but most of the Dolakhalis can communicate in National language too.
Dolakha Town is situated on the lap of Beautiful mountain Gauri Shanker. It is about 135 kilometres far away from Capital city Kathmandu. Araniko highway and Puspa Lal sub highway connects it to capital city. It is just about 5 kilometres far from district headquarter Charikot and it is serving as the gate way to eastern and northern part of the district.
Araniko and Rolwaling are main public transport services for the area. This heavenly town is easily accessible by private car or rented taxis too. It takes about 5 hours travel to get this beautiful town from Kathmandu city and just about 10 minutes from Charikot.
There are various feasts, festivals and cultural programs throughout a year. Lakhenaach, Twakal Pyakhan, Bhairavkumari, Krishnaashtami, Hantho, Machchhindranath Rath yatra, Khadha Jatra etc are typical carnivals in the area. These cultures have been preserved as it was since the ancient period.
Manju shree park is a beautiful hill in the Northern part of the town. The scenarios of neighbours VDCs- Suspa Chhemawati, Sundrawati, Sunkhani; Kalinchok hill and Dolti Stream can be viewed from this park. There is a small temple of Saraswati – the goddess of Knowledge. This hill is linked with beautiful hilly range of Siyautada and Kalipoka(Black den).
The eastern part of the Town is Tripura Udhyan or Hariyali park. It has been already listed in this website.
The southern part is River Tamakoshi along with beautiful Marbu, Fulapa, Nagdaha areas. The western part of the village is Sinhavan to Tikhatal and Charikot.
There are good quality restaurants and lodges with parking facility. It is always good to walk around once you get to Pakhalati bazar.
Dolakha can be visited and enjoyed any time but the best time to visit is autumn and spring but if you really want to entertain the Dolakhali carnivals like Lakhe, Bhairav Kumari, Krishna Ashtami, you must visit at the end of the Rainy season. Please check the Nepali Calendar for the exact date of these carnivals for the year.

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  1. Shiva Parajuli Shiva Parajuli says:

    Nice to know about Dolakha Town Satya Ji. This is the main source of information about Dolakha town. I have never been to dolakha but am planning to visit very soon. So your information is important for me. Please write about Jiri Trekking and best available hotels in Jiri. Thanks in advance. :)

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