Earthquake 2072 (2015): A great curse in the history of Nepal

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Earthquake 2072 (2015): A great curse in the history of Nepal

Nepal was a country of beautiful historical heritages, wonder and peace but the earthquake of 7.9 Richter scale at 11:56 am (local time) with Gorkha, Barpak epicenter for about 50 secs totally horrified & destroyed all. The first major shock was experienced all over Nepal but the most affected places were Gorkha, Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Dhading & Kathmandu.
Time: April 25, 2015 (Baisakha 12, 2072)
The Aftershocks of 4 & above Richter Scales have been coming till the date I have written this article. (June, 2015).
The shocks of 5 & above Richter Scales with different epicenters:
Sindhupalchowk/Tibet 5.5: April 25 (Baisakha 12)
Sindhupalchowk: 5.1,5.2,5.5,5,5.3,: April 25 (Baisakha 12)
Gorkha: 7.9,6.6,5.2,5.5,: April 25 (Baisakha 12)
Rasuwa: 5.7, 5.3(2), April 25 (Baisakha 12)
Dhading: 5.1 April 25 (Baisakha 12)
Kabre: 5.7, April 25 (Baisakha 12)
Tibet: 5.6, 5.1,5.2,: April 25 (Baisakha 12)
April 26, Baisakha 13
Nuwakot: 5.5 Richter Scale,5.1,
Kavrepalanchowk: 5
Sindhupalchowk/Dolakha: 6.9
Sindhupalchowk: 5.3(2),5,
Sindhupalchowk/Tibet: 5,
May 2, Baisakha 19
Gorkha: 5.1 Richter Scale
May 8, Baisakha 25
Dolakha/Sindhupalchowk: 5 Richter Scle
May 12, Baisakha 29
Dolakha/ Sindhupalchok (Sunakhani): 7.1 Richter Scale.
Dolakha: 5.8, 6.2,5, 5.3(2), 5.2, 5(2),
Sindhupalchok: 5.3(2),5.1, 5.4,
May 13, Baisakha 30
Dolakha: 5.1 Richter Scale,
May 14, Baisakha 31
Dolakha: 5 Richter Scale
May 15, Jestha 1
Dhading: 5.5 Richter Scale.
May 16, Jestha 2
Dolakha : 5.5
May 25, Jestha 11
Gorkha: 5
May 26, Jestha 12
Rasuwa: 5
May 29, Jestha 15
Dhading: 5.2
June 11, Jestha 28:
Sindhupalchok: 5.3
June 13, Jestha 30:

Death Numbers: More than 8000
Injured: More than 15,000
Houses lost:: More than 15 lakhs
People in Kathmandu were under tents on the ground for about a week or more after the major earthquake on Baisakha 12, 2072.

Hospitals were full of injured and dead bodies brought from Bhaktapur, Lalitpur & different places from Kathmandu.

Thousands of Nepalese people have lost their relatives.
Millions of people are being more & more power
Upcoming risk of landslides on mountaineous regions of Nepal that have been cracked by earthquake

Although there are countless bad effects of the earthquake but we have some bright sides of it too. These are as listed:
Political parties are united and the long pended constitution drafting process is on progress. There is maximum chances of uniting political parties & giving new constitution .
People are fully focused on the relief operation of the victims of the earthquake & working together.
National unity & people’s consciousness of earthquake is the good aspect of this terrible earthquake
Personal Experience:
I was at Baneshwor during the major earthquake of Baisakh 12. I too slept on the ground under tent, there was no electicity & almost all people were out of their houses. I experienced almost 50 aftershocks on the ground. But, In Baneshwor there were almost all houses safe. No houses were seriously damaged. But, the gates & few boundaries were collapsed. Hospitals were full of the patients & dead bodies. The situations were really pitiful & tearful.

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  2. Nepal is a place where there is Festivals with some piece of the nation or the other commending some celebration amid ordinary of the year. Celebrations might be connected with the recognition of the withdrew soul, to proclaim the diverse seasons, to stamp the start or end of the farming cycle, to check the national occasions, or just family festivities.

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