Godawari Botanical Garden

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Godawari Botanical Garden

Around ten kilometers South-East from Satdobato(Lalitpur), there is a heavenly and peaceful place called Godawari Botanical Garden. People loving nature and bird watchers can get unlimited joy in the garden. Another special feature is that you need not worry to climb mountains because it is not in very high altitude.
The garden could be enjoyed by any age person from child to old. It is of educational importance too. Students from all over the Kathmandu come here to enjoy its beauty as well as to view and get knowledge of different species of flora and fauna.
It is also a romantic and peaceful place for lovers and couples too. Due to peacefulness, chirping sounds of birds and gurgling sounds of water they can enjoy and spend their lots of time there. It is free from noise pollution and other kinds of pollution too.
Bird lovers should visit it on Sunday to Friday. On Saturday it is a public holiday and many people come here because it is a famous picnic spot too. Due to crowd and noise of people unique and special birds fly away. Flocks of Tibetan sirens are very enchanting in winter days.

Salient features of Godawari Botanical Garden:

  • Location: It is 10 kms south-east from Satdobato, Lalitpur.
  • Even in the summer the climate of the garden is very cool.
  • It is also the best habitat for numerous species of birds.
  • The holy temple located near a pond adds to the attraction of the garden.
  • In the autumn season yearly a huge festival takes place in the garden.
  • The crystal clear water of Godavari is 100% pure.
  • Different parts of Kathmandu are supplied with drinking water from the spring water of Godawari.
  • Entry fee (Rs. 10-20) should be paid before entering the garden.
  • It is very romantic place for walking and enjoying picnic too.
  • It was opened in 1962.
  • Number of specimens of flowering and non-flowering plants approx. 500.
  • The garden covers 200 acres of the natural forest with a rushing spring of the Godawari river.
  • Approximately, there are 256 varieties of birds and 300 variations of the butterfly .
  • Well facilitated parking of bikes and cars, along with local vehicles park.

The way to Godawari Botanical Garden:
We can go to it as:

  • From the TIA hiring a taxi is very costly, so it is not advisable.
  • If You want to take Public Bus, take any vehicle to Chakrapath, drop at Satdobato. (charge rs. 25-30). From Satdobato, take a local vehicle at Southern side that directly goes to Godawari. (Rs. 25-30)

There is much more that cannot be expressed in words. You cannot enjoy its heavenliness, unless you visit yourself. So, don’t miss it and visit it as soon as possible. Once you visit this garden please come back here and write a comment.

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