Historic Dharahara,Sundhara, Kathmandu

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Historic Dharahara,Sundhara, Kathmandu

It is a historic creation built during the period of the first Prime Minister of Nepal Bhimsen Thapa. It is situated at Sundhara Kathmandu. It’s really wonderful and amazing to view Kathmandu Valley from the top of Dharahara.

History of Dharahara:
It was built in 1882 B.S. ( 1825) i.e early 19th Century. At first, it was built in the memory of Queen LalitTripuraSundariDevi. It is also called Bhimsen Sthamba as it was built during the reign of Bhimsen Thapa.

During Rana reign Social and administrative information and notices were given by playing musical instrument called Bigul(musical instrument that makes loud sound and generally needed to be blown by mouth to play it.) from the top of Dharahara. After hearing the Bigul Civil servants and officers needed to gather at Tudikhel to hear the notice.

Dharahara was damaged during the great earthquake of Nepal in B.S 1990 (1933). It was reconstructed like its original charm of Nine Storied Tower after two years by the so time Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa. Dharahara at Present time has got a verenda at the seventh storey.

It has got 213 inner ladders and 25 outer ladders. After climbing up 188 ladders we reach to the Veranda of Dharahara from where we can easily view almost all kathmandu valley.
In the topmost storey of Dharahara there is Shivalinga.Religiously and tourism-ally important Dharahara has got Gajur at its top.

It has been as a symbol of religious understandings among religious communities Hindu, Muslim and Christian because of its construction pattern.

What is the height of Dharahara:
It’s height is 61.88 meter i.e it is 203 feet tall.
What is its construction pattern:
It is built in the Mugal pattern. It’s surrounding boundaries are built in European pattern. It is built by Bajra ( mixture of Shurki, chun, Maas & Chaaku)
The Rules should be followed are:

  • We have to view its surroundings being peaceful although Noises are not prohibited.
  • Throwing of plastics, dirt, and rubbish everywhere randomly is not allowed.
  • Flowers around Dharahara should be handled with care.
  • We have to enter to Dharahara only after getting tickets from the Counter.
  • Scratching or writing names on the walls of Dharahara should not be done.

Personal Recommendation:
One should go to such places and enjoy which are religiously, historically and asthetically important. Whenever you are at Kathmandu, don’t miss to view kathamndu valley from Dharahara.

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One Response to “Historic Dharahara,Sundhara, Kathmandu”

  1. Sandeep says:

    So sad & feeling very tearful on missing it due to the downfall of Dharahara due to dreadful earthquake on Baisakha 12, 2072.

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