Manimukunda sen Park, Butwal

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Manimukunda sen Park, Butwal

Manimukunda Sen Park, Butwal is one of the best Park to go and visit while your visit in Butwal, Rupandehi, Nepal.

Phulbari (Manimukunda Park) – The winter palace of Palpali Sen clan is very fascinating from natural and archaeological values. There are ruins and antiquities of the majestic palace of Manimukunda Sen an ancient Palpali king containing 6 large rooms as well as royal residence, administrative and fascinating scenic grandeur of Butwal, Siddharthanagar and other neighboring villages of Rupandehi.

district can be vividly seen from here at night also. His Majesty’s Government, archaeological department has attempted to maintain it in 1991. Now Butwal municipality has formed council for the conservation of Manimukunda Sen Park to conduct Phulbari Development Program and attempted to make it an amusing and a tourist resort.

Suitable for Picnic,Party,visit
small zoo
various flowers

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  1. Sandeep Gautam says:

    Absolutely correct, don’t forget to visit it whenever you are in Butwal….

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