Mellekh Bazar, Achham

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Mellekh Bazar, Achham

Mellekh Bazar is one of the beautiful Market of Achham district. It is situated on the top of Mellekh Danda(Hill). It is surrounded by beautiful green forest and amazing hills. Mellekh is one of the economic centre of Achham district. This is situated in Far Western Development Region, Seti zone, Bindhyabasi VDC of Nepal. It is serving Bajhang and Bazura districts too. It is mainly the main village centre for Nandegada, Kuskot, Sodasha, Nuwagau, Bindhyabasi VDCs. It has different government offices such as Post office, Veteranary, Agriculture, Higher Secondary School, Health Post and so forth. You can find a number of local shops and a couple of restaurants in this part.
It is about 6 hours trekking distance from Samphe Bagar, the chief business centre of Achham. It can be reached from the significant part of Achham: Bayalpata and Jayagadh too. During night the area is quiet as all the shopkeepers and native people go back to their own village for rest. You can hardly find some people like government personnel, who resides in this village centre.
During 12 years conflict, the local people in this area had been badly suffered by both the maoist and government forces. Apart from the school and Health post all the government and non governmental organizations was moved away from this area. Now all the services have been resumed and people have forgotten the old wounds and working hard to establish their modern and developed form in the face of Farwest Region.
The local people of Mellekh Bazar are very helpful, polite, hard working. Most of the local people may not speak pure and proper Nepali language but the students, educated people and business men can. Still there is no linguistic problem as most of the folks can speak Nepali language mixed with their own language, which is not that difficult to understand.Walking uphill from Samphe Bagar it is really hard work to reach Mellekh but due to very beautiful surrounding you won’t feel that tough and labour. You will really enjoy walking.
You can find local people, potters from Samphe Bagar heading to Mellekh so you can easily find company for your way to this Bazar everyday.
Achham is one of the significant district of Nepal in far west region and Mellekh is very important business and development centre of Achham. It is recommended to visit this place and have a amazing experience of trekking and unique far western cultures.



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  1. Shiva Parajuli Shiva Parajuli says:

    Really Nice Post ! All related information is enclosed. Nice to explore about Mellekh Bazar, Achham.
    I might visit this place when I would be passing through Achham.

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