Mustang, Nepal

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Mustang, Nepal

Mustang district is a part of Dhaulagiri zone of Nepal. Nepal has got 75 district, mustang is one of them. Head quarter of Mustang district is Jomsom. The area of Mustang is 3,573 km².

Jomsom :
Jomsom is a very popular place in Mustang. Jomsom is also a way to go to a famous holy place Muktinath. A plane can be taken to Jomsom and then you can walk to Muktinath. Nilgiri mountain can be perfectly seen from Jomsom. Dumba Lake is also in Jomsom where as a museum is also a worthy place to watch while you are in Jomsom, where you can see historical, cultural dresses and ancient styles of living. One amazing thing should not be missed while saying about Jomsom is, you can feel jomsom windy and can feel a pure gust of air at 12pm.


  • Apple is the most famous product of Mustang after that the locally made alcohol is also famous in Mustang.
  •  Mainly Gauchan, Bhattachan, Tulachan and Serchan reside in Mustang District who are called as Thakali.
  • They celebrate a festival in every 12 years which is called “12 Barse Mela”.
  •  All 4 Thakalis have their own specific god each and they do worship of their god in 12 Barse Mela.
  •  Few well known places in Mustang are Larjung, Tukche, Kobang etc.
  •  Mostly people go to visit Mustang for trekking, scenario, mountains (Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri) , people also go there to capture natural beauty of Nepal in their videos.
  •  Plenty of Hotels are available , some of the houses may offer paying guests too.
  •  Main source of transportation used to be Horses and Donkeys but nowadays people have been using more motors vehicles than horse, Yaks and donkeys.
  •  One house used to have 50-60 horses and donkeys but now you can not find more than 10-12 horses, Yaks and donkeys in one house.
  •  There is a school in a place called “Lete” where students come to study from 4-5 hours of walking distance.
  •  Weather can not be predicted in Mustang it can be changed at any time. Normally you can see Mustang full ice in winter season.
  •  Dhaulagiri mountain used be filled with snow every time but due to global warming you can hardly see Dhaulagiri filled with snow unless you go there in winter.
  •  Famous Nepali poet – Bhupi Serchan was born in Mustang and his house is in Mustang.
  • - One famous thing people do in Mustang is they drink blood of Yak (chauri). This program happens three times in a year.
  • - They make a sausage like food using “Chyangra” blood which is called “Dhuung”


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