Nagdaha (The Snake Lake), Lalitpur, Nepal

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Nagdaha (The Snake Lake), Lalitpur, Nepal

Nagdaha (The Snake Lake)
Religiously and naturally significant place to visit in Lalitpur at Dhapakhel VDC (Village Development Committee) is Nagdaha. This lake carries various legends. One of the legends says that a male serpent (a serpent king) lives in Taudaha and a female serpent is at Nagdaha. During the rainy season the male serpent, makes a journey to the town of Panauti in order to participate in a festival. It is said that he stays with the female serpent of Nagdaha on his way to and back from Panauti. This union of the nagas, mythical half serpent, half human beings, results heavy rain.
One more legend is that in the very ancient time, Lord Shiva came and used to live in Nagadaha . Long stay of Lord Shiva made The Goddess Bajrabarahi worried. She thought if Lord Shiva stays in Nagdaha no one will worship her that’s why she used her divine powers and transformed herself into a pig and started making grunting noises. Pigs are traditionally associated with dirt and squalor and hearing the grunting pig Lord Shiva thought the lake was a dirty place so that he set out in search of cleanliness and tranquility and settled in Gosainkunda Lake which is in Rasuwa district.
About Nag daha:

  • Location: about 6-7 kms south west of Satdobato (Ring Road) at Dhapakhel VDC.
  • It is believed that Basuki naga (The naga used in Samudra Manthan by demons and gods) lived in the lake.
  • The area of lake is 5 hectars approx.
  • Nag Panchami (on the Nepali month of late Shrawan or early Bhadra) is the greatest and grandest festival celebrated in the lake.
  • We find boats bobbed up and down on the water waiting for customers.
  • (but nowadays it is stopped due to security reasons)
  • A peaceful looking garden restaurant(roses, marigolds and other flowering plants bloom there with butterflies flying flowers to flowers)called “Bishram Batika” is there that serves delicious newari food.
  • There is danger of rodents and snakes so we should not be too careless.
  • Uncivilized human activities and pollution is degrading the quality of the lake.
  • Villagers use the lake for various purposes like washing, bathing, fishing, irrigation, recreational activities, tourism as well as for religious purpose too.

The way to Nagdaha:

  • We can go to it as:
  • From the TIA hiring a taxi is very costly, so it is not advisable.
  • If You want to take Public Bus, take any vehicle to Chakrapath, drop at Satdobato. (charge rs. 25-30). From Satdobato, take a local vehicle to Dhapakhel( at Southern Westside) (an old bus runs to Dhapakhel)that takes you to Nagadaha(Rs. 25-30)

Personal Recommendation:

The lake is naturally beautiful with religious importance too. According to Locals, it is dangerous too, every year 1-2 persons are found dead on the lake mysteriously and it is not advised to visit alone.



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