Pashupatinath ( Beast Master: Lord Shiva) Temple The World Heritage

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Pashupatinath ( Beast Master: Lord Shiva) Temple The World Heritage

Pashupatinath Temple is also very ancient Hindu temple. According to Gopalraj Vamsavali, the oldest ever records in Nepal, this temple was built by Supuspa Deva, a Linchchhavi King, ( is also known as Prachanda Dev)who according to the stone inscription erected by Jayadeva 11 in the courtyard of Pashupatinath in 753 AD, happened to be the ruler 39 generations before Manadeva (464-505 AD)

  • Location: It is situated in Kathmandu district of Kathmandu Valley. It is 5 km North-East of Kathmandu valley on the bank of Bagmati Rive.It is recognized by the UNESCO as the world Heritage.
  • It is strictly Hindu temple. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter inside Pashupatinath Temple. But, they can enjoy its beautiful view by the opposite side of the Bagmati River.
  • Things not allowed inside Pashupatinath Temple: Cameras, mobiles, Slippers & Shoes, Mobiles.
  • Free Services: Water, Toilets, free care of your Slippers and Shoes.
  • The priests of Pashupati are called Bhattas and the chief priest is known as Mool Bhatta or Raval.
  • Arya Ghat, dating from the early 1900s, is of special importance because it is the only place where lustral water for Pashupatinath Temple can be obtained and it is where members of the royal family are cremated. The main cremation site is Bhasmeshvar Ghat, which is the most-used cremation site in the Kathmandu Valley. The preferred bathing spot for women is the Gauri Ghat, to the north.

The way to Pashupatinath:
We can go to Pashupatinath as:

  • From the TIA( Tribhuwan International Airport), we can hire a Taxi. If you just only say the Driver to take you to Pashupatinath Mandir, You will easily reach there. (Your charge will be just around Rs. 500-1000)
  • If You want to take Public Bus, take any vehicle to Chakrapath, get dropped at Gaushala. ( Your charge will be around Rs. 25).Ask any Nepali person the way to Pashupatinath , you will be easily guided, It’s about a minute distance from Gaushala.
  • If you are good walker, you can reach on foot too. From TIA, take straight distance from the footpath to the west, you will be at Gaushala just in 20 -30 mins.


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