Siddha Pokhari (Ta-Pukhu) Indra Daha- Bhaktapur

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Siddha Pokhari (Ta-Pukhu) Indra Daha- Bhaktapur

Siddha Pokhari, is a beautiful pond situated at Dudhpati-17 the entrance of the ancient city Bhaktapur. This pond was built around six hundred years ago; during the reign of Medieval King Yakshya Malla.
On the auspicious occasion of Ashwin Krishna Dwitiya (the next day of Indra Jatra), hundreds of devotees gather around the Siddha pokhari . They take holy dips in the pond and worship goddess Indrayani, (They believe that their worship pleases the goddess and their family get happiness and her blessings). On the very day, the Sidddha Pokhari is decorated with oil lamps all around its boundary. There are statues of Shaiva, Shakti, Buddhists and Baishnav sects from Lichhavi to Malla Times surrounding the Temple. There is also a tradition of worshipping Basuki Nag (Serpent god) as provisions in Tantric way. (It is especially done in droughts; It is believed Worshipping Bashuki Nag brings rain in droughts.)
Other very enchanting and beautiful views in the Pokhari are its fishes. Friends, family members with children come here to enjoy the pleasure of feeding the numerous fishes in the pond.
Siddha Pokhari’s:

  • Length: 171 m
  • Width: 73m
  • Depth: 3m
  • Location: It is in Northern East of Kathmandu valley, Bhaktapur District.
  • It is associated with number of myths.
  • It is also a favorite hangout for many.
  • It is also known as Indra Daha.
  • It is also known as “Ta-Pukhu” in Newari language.
  • It is an attraction for national and international tourists.
  • The small shops at the entrance to the pond sell foods to be fed to the fishes.( cost Rs. 10-50 depending upon varieties and size of the packet)

The way to Siddha Pokhari:
We can go to it as:

  • From the TIA( Tribhuwan International Airport), we can hire a Taxi to Siddha Pokhari Bhaktapur directly. (Rs. 1500-2000).
  • If You want to take Public Bus, take any vehicle to Bhaktapur, ask the vehicle if it reaches Siddha Pokhari or not. If yes, get in the bus and drop at Siddha Pokhari. (Rs. 25)

Especially, when you are frustrated or bored by the city life and crowd. It is a peaceful and best palce to rest and enjoy natural views of magnificient fishes. On clear days, you can view a wide range of snowy peaks too. The feelings you get and enjoy the nature is great when you feed the fishes. Nowadays, the pond is considered important both religiously and archeologically.



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  1. satya satya says:

    I had never heard about this pond, many thanx for writing on this historical place…

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