Bigu Gumba, Dolakha

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Bigu Gumba, Dolakha

Are you tired of the physical world ? Are you really fed up with stressful job, study or everyday life ? I am going to take you to such a quiet and peaceful place where you can really forget all your stresses and monotonous lifestyle. This place will not only help you to take you into the warm and charming embrace of nature but also toward your own centre too. Far away from the urban life, miles away from the crowd and industrial pollution this place is still inviting you to enjoy the lap of nature and it is guiding you toward the spiritual life too.
Yes such a breathtaking place is Bigu Gumba(Monastery). This is the oldest Nunnery of Dolakha district. This Gumba produces Nuns based on Tibetan script and Buddhist Philosophy. This Gumba is situated at an altitude of 2500 metres from the level of sea (
This peaceful gumba is located in Bigu VDC, one of the northern part of Dolakha district. This is situated close to another beautiful VDCs of Dolakha- Aalampu, Chilankha and Khopchagu. The main inhabitant of this area are Sherpas and Thamis. You will also be able to enjoy their unique cultures and customs.
The surrounding area of Bigu gumba is very very awesome. you can view the hills and mountains all around you. You can join the meditation and chanting with the nuns since early morning. You will be offered cups of salt and butter mixed tea. The area is very neat and clean. You will witness the incredible unity of nature and spirituality everywhere around this Gumba.

Once you start living there you will hardly want to come back to the crowd of urban area. Does not matter what philosophy you have faith on this place will make you overwhelmed the the natural joy and inner peace.


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One Response to “Bigu Gumba, Dolakha”

  1. Shiva Parajuli Shiva Parajuli says:

    Nepal has been blessed with lots of holy and peaceful places. Bigu Gumba is also one of them. It is gumba so obviously people find peace in their mind when they get there. Thumbs up for the author of this post for letting us information about Nepal via this website. We alll Nepali would love to explore the beauty of Nepal.

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